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WATCH: Two Ladies Assault Mother and Child For Supporting Trump, Plead Guilty

For years, the left has done a successful job at portraying conservatives as villains. Although the Democrats aren’t great at running the White House, they are great at spinning lies and misinformation, especially about the GOP. Take for instance the women duo of Olivia Winslow and Camryn Amy, both 21. These left-wing, so-called “activists” thought it was their right to steal a” Make America Great Again” hat from a 7-year-old boy. Not to mention, the ladies would then go on to assault the child’s mother. 


Taking place right outside of the Democratic National Convention in Wilmington, North Carolina last year, the women finally got their day in court where they pleaded guilty on multiple charges. They included theft, child endangerment, and of course – hate crimes. At the start, prosecutors sought other charges like assault, attempted assault, and even conspiracy, but they were later dropped as the “victims” were not expecting prison time. 

For those that might not be aware, the video of the altercation went viral soon after the incident happened. As you can see below, the women are seen harassing both a mother and young son for nothing more than representing former President Donald Trump. They would eventually steal the MAGA hat and destroy their sign showing support for Trump and the GOP. The mother even explains to the ladies that they are committing a felony. “Are you destroying my property? You know that’s a felony.”

Amy simply responded, “Yes we are,” before looking at her friend and saying, “Get it Liv.” 

With over 5 million views, not much is known about what happened after the altercation until recently. The mother actually followed the ladies through a parking lot with her own phone filming. She demanded her MAGA hat back, but the two women tossed it over a fence before she could retrieve it. The two-minute video shows the women threatening both the child and mother.


In the end, a male bystander tried to help out the mother and child, but Amy saw that as an opportunity to assault yet another person. She would punch the man for simply helping and then would go on to assault the mother one last time before the video ends.