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Afghan-Americans Disappointed In Harris

Sadly, Afghan-Americans expected some political kinship from veep Harris because of her heritage. They have been let down, which hopefully teaches them to look at substance, not race.


FNC: “Afghan-Americans are trying to get Vice President Kamala Harris to hear their pleas, including 24-year-old Willy Moosayar, who says voters “expected a lot more” from the country’s first female, immigrant-born VP. Moosayar, the son of Afghan immigrants, protested outside California Gov. Gavin Newsom’s anti-recall rally on Wednesday in San Leandro, where Harris joined the governor to campaign on his behalf, as FOX 40 Sacramento first reported.

The 24-year-old emphasized that he and other protesters weren’t there to voice support for or against the Newsom recall but to instead deliver a message to the vice president as the Biden administration continues its work to pull hundreds of U.S. citizens and allies out of Afghanistan after ordering a complete withdrawal of the U.S. military from the country by Aug. 31.”

“You know, we were excited to have Kamala — a woman of color, the daughter of an immigrant — in our government as a vice first female vice president because we thought we can connect with her, she will feel for us. But it’s been a total disappointment, which is why we were there.”

He said that Afghan-Americans “were there to support her” when she was running in last year’s primaries, and now, “the Afghan people are watching her.”

“As a leader of a powerhouse nation and as a leader of a country like America, we expected a lot more from her,” Moosayar said. “I know that a lot of the Afghan community supported her through her campaign and was very excited to have her as our vice president. But it’s clearly a disappointment for us.”


“There’s nothing there any more. My parents wouldn’t have fled if they didn’t have the chance to become [refugees] in America,” he said. “I wouldn’t be here today. They wouldn’t be here today. So, we were given a second chance at life and to come and pursue the American dream. And it was an act of humanity for us.” It was. Now they can learn some political wisdom.