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Alabama Hospital Defies Pres. Biden Vaccine Mandate

Failing to get the majority of Americans vaccinated against COVID-19 by the July 4th weekend, President Joe Biden has now decided the best course of action is to mandate the vaccine for most employers. While some businesses and party members are praising his move, seeing it as the only way to defeat the virus, one Alabama hospital is openly defying President Biden’s order to mandate the vaccine. 

After making the decision to rescind the vaccine order, the UAB Hospital in Birmingham said it was going to wait to see how the mandate, announced by President Biden, played out before they made a final decision. 


Since Alabama banned any type of vaccine passport being used, the hospital said it cannot require its employees to show proof of vaccination. Releasing a statement, the hospital wrote, “As the Supreme Court of Alabama has recognized, UAB Hospital is a state-run hospital. Consequently, UAB Hospital may not require its employees to disclose whether they have been vaccinated or not. Likewise, the Alabama Attorney General has examined the law and concluded that ‘no government, school, or business in Alabama may demand that a constituent, or customer, respectively, be vaccinated for COVID-19 or show proof of his or her vaccination for COVID-19.’”

On top of the UAB hospital, Alabama Attorney General Steve Marshall also called in question the legitimacy of Biden’s vaccine mandate. He said, “The Attorney General’s Office has received complaints from healthcare employees who believe their COVID-19 immunization status was obtained by their employers through the ImmPRINT registry for the purpose of verifying compliance with the employer’s immunization requirement. In several of those cases, a shared employer specifically acknowledged accessing the state immunization database for this purpose. This privacy violation is unlawful.”


Marshall was sure to add, “The vaccine mandate is unprecedented in its audacity and unlawful in its application. The Biden administration knows this full well. The State of Alabama will not allow such an authoritarian power grab to go unchecked.”