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Americas React To Celebs Going Maskless At 73rd Emmy Awards

While the rest of America is in constant debate about masks and vaccine mandates, it appears there is one group of people COVID-19 doesn’t affect. Although the COVID-19 virus has been promoted as both serious and deadly by the Democrats, President Joe Biden, and their devout voters, apparently when you are famous – COVID-19 doesn’t matter. But don’t take my word for it, just take a look at the 73rd annual Emmy Awards. Remember, right now, millions of children are being forced to wear masks while at school but if you’re a celebrity – you get a pass. 


Before the event was held, the Emmy organizers announced that the show would be taking place outside in an “air-conditioned tent”. But, if you happened to catch any part of the Emmy Awards at the Event Deck at the L.A. Live, you might have taken notice that not a single celeb wore a mask. Even presenter Seth Rogen seemed baffled by the venue. He laughed, “I would not have come to this. Why is there a roof?”

Although Rogen poked fun at the awards, viewers took offense by the gesture of the Emmys not enforcing a mask mandate, exposing the double standard often handed to celebrities. One viewer blasted the award show on Twitter, saying, “I honestly don’t understand. I flipped on the Emmy’s and no one is wearing a mask.  My 2 vaccinated boys are required to wear a mask for 8+ hours a day in school.  Wtf is this?  #rulesfortheenotforme”


Almost knowing they would draw criticism, Cedric the Entertainer tried to silence the naysayers by claiming every person in attendance had to receive the vaccination to get in, but again, the CDC advises even vaccinated people to wear masks while indoors. 


As for Cedric, his antics didn’t work as another Twitter user said, “This same crowd wants you to wear a outdoors, at stadiums, inside restaurants, schools and stores. You can’t wear a mask in church or at the gym because they want those places closed. They  themselves while the servants are masked and silent.”