Although numerous celebrities, athletes, musicians, and any famous person attended this year’s Met Gala, it was Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez who stole the show. Donning the now-famous gown emblazoned with the words “Tax The Rich” on it, AOC attended the Gala where a single ticket cost upwards of $30,000. But while AOC claims that the reasoning for her attending the glamorous event is to bring awareness to the tax loopholes in America, the real truth might be a little more lucrative as she promotes her own “Tax The Rich” merchandising line. 


According to the Boston Herald, “The New York progressive congresswoman — hot off her Met Gala political fashion statement — launched an email campaign Tuesday night offering up a policy paper and ‘Tax the Rich’ merchandise pitch.”

As you can see in the images above, the “Tax The Rich” cash cow campaign is very much a thing. Captained by AOC herself, followers can wear a sweatshirt for just $58, or how about a t-shirt for $27? If clothing isn’t your thing, AOC also offers tote bags, mugs, and several other consumer must-haves like a dad hat.  

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It should be noted how surprising it is that AOC would start her own brand when she constantly campaigns against capitalism. In the past, she not only called it irredeemable but said, “Capitalism is an ideology of capital — the most important thing is the concentration of capital and to seek and maximize profit.”


While AOC was hoping to start a movement, nothing but controversy has surrounded her Met Gala appearance. Some question why she was there in the first place since tickets were so expensive, even if they were free. Others focused on the designer behind the dress, who, while supporting the movement, doesn’t like to pay taxes herself as her business owes its fair share to the government. 

Either way, AOC continues to parade around Washington, rubbing shoulders with elites while being the lowest-performing member of Congress.