After the debacle of the Biden Bugout you’d think the administration would do anything to get remaining Americans out of Afghanistan. You’d be wrong. Why are they blocking flights? Because they are terrified of upsetting the Taliban, lest the terrorists start shooting Americans. This is where Biden administration policy has brought us.


A commercial flight has recently left the country. But that is a drop in the bucket compared to the evacuation flights that need to be launched to get all Americans out. Will the State Department block them too?

FNC: “The State Department refused to grant official approval for private evacuation flights from Afghanistan to land in third countries, even though the department conceded that official authorization would likely be needed for planes to land in those nations, an email reviewed by Fox News shows.

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Furthermore, the State Department explicitly stated that charter flights, even those containing American citizens, would not be allowed to land at Defense Department (DOD) airbases. U.S. officials have pointed to possible security threats from landing charter planes at military bases, saying that they lack the resources on the ground to fully verify flight manifests. The Biden administration’s delaying of private evacuation efforts has been a widespread source of frustration, infuriating rescue organizers and even a prominent Democratic senator.

General Jack Keane [Ret.] blasted the State Department during an interview on ‘The Faulkner Focus’ on Wednesday, saying it is an ‘absurdity’ that the agency is not working more directly and efficiently with veterans groups who are trying to help Americans and U.S. allies escape Afghanistan. He also said it is not surprising the Taliban tapped global terrorists for senior positions within the interim government, one of which has a multi-million dollar bounty on his head and wanted by the FBI.”


Keane: This is an absurdity. We all know where the American people have come out on this ill-conceived hasty withdrawal, which turned into an emergency retreat and the chaos. We have not had very good crisis management out of the State Department. Here we are, now post-U.S. troop withdrawal and we still have chaos. Here is the issue: These groups that are working with American citizens and Afghan partners, they have their names and they know where they are. The State Department or U.S. government has to take charge and work with these folks, put a centralized list together of all the names and the locations so we can line up airplanes. These people are trusted. These veterans are trusted.”