As the country watches the Southern border near the brink of collapse, the former Border Patrol chief under both President Donald Trump and Joe Biden, wrote a scathing letter about the current crisis the Democrats don’t want to address. Having a 29-year career in law enforcement, Rodney Scott, decided to retire last month after numerous recommendations on how to slow the migrant crisis were repeatedly shut down. According to Scott, not only is the Biden administration intentionally bringing migrants into America but they are also misleading Congress on how serious the situation really is. 


Dated September 11th, Scott wrote, “Common sense border security recommendations from experienced career professionals are being ignored and stymied by inexperienced political appointees. The Biden administration’s team at DHS is laser-focused on expediting the flow of migrants into the U.S. and downplaying the significant vulnerability this creates for terrorists, narcotics smugglers, human traffickers, and even hostile nations to gain access to our homeland.”

To make matters worse, the former border chief added, “In my professional assessment, the  U.S. Border Patrol is rapidly losing the situational awareness required to know who and what is entering our Homeland.”

As for Congress, Scott admitted that officers have provided enough evidence, yet they continued to be ignored. “The experienced civil service staff within CBP, ICE and DHS have provided multiple options to reduce the illegal entries and reestablish some semblance of border security through proven programs and consequences, yet every recommendation has been summarily rejected. Secretary Mayorkas is choosing to ignore the sound recommendations of career government leadership despite his own admissions that he agrees with them.”


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While Scott wrote the letter, Senator Ron Johnson provided a copy to new outlets, defending what the border chief was saying. “He’s writing a letter just talking about how the administration is lying to the American public. They’re ignoring advice from career customs and border patrol officers. They obviously ignored the advice from the outgoing administration in terms of what they do to keep the border secure. And he’s just laying out this big crisis as the illegal flow is and what that is going to do to our society.”