During Friday night’s episode of his HBO show “Real Time,” host Bill Maher fired back at Whoopi Goldberg after she slammed him for criticizing the black national anthem.

Earlier in September, Maher blasted the NFL for its inclusion of “Lift Every Voice And Sing,” saying that playing the Black national anthem alongside “The Star-Spangled Banner” at each football game is “segregation … under a different name.”

A few days later, Goldberg responded by attacking Maher for “complaining” during a discussion about his remarks.

“I think because we have gone backwards a good 10-15 years, we’re having to re-educate people,” Goldberg said, according to Fox News.

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Maher hit back last night by saying that his opinion that “we shouldn’t have two” anthems is the “correct opinion.”

“The program ‘The View’ last week devoted a lot of time to this while somehow avoiding what I actually said,” Maher said.  “It seemed to be a lot about a need to school me about the Black national anthem itself. Whoopi Goldberg said, quote, ‘We’re having to re-educate people.’ Because nothing ever goes wrong when you start talking about re-education. Just ask Chairman Mao. Maybe we can set up some sort of camps.”

After describing himself as an “old school liberal,” Maher defended the “crazy idea” that “segregating by race is bad.” He then said that there “has to be just one” anthem since, after all, it’s a “national anthem.”

“Symbols of unity matter. And purposefully fragmenting things by race reinforces a terrible message that we are two nations hopelessly drifting apart from each other. That’s not where we were even ten years ago and it’s not where we should be now,” Maher said as his audience applauded.

To make his point, Maher played a clip from when Barack Obama was first running for president.

“There is not a Black America or a White America … there is the United States of America,” Obama said at the time, adding that “where we should be now is here.”

“If we have two anthems, why not three? Or five? Why not a women’s anthem? A Latino anthem?” Maher stated. “A gay, trans, Indigenous Peoples, an Asian and Pacific Islander anthem? Because ‘I’m not dealing with you, I’m not speaking to you’ is not a way you can run a country and most people of all backgrounds understand that already and don’t even want to try to do it that way.”

“I’m not out of step! Believing in separate but equal? That’s out of step — by 67 years. It was 67 years ago, in 1954, when the Supreme Court handed down their landmark Brown v. Board of Education ruling which said ‘separate but equal’ isn’t what we do here,” he said. “We decided we’re going to try to make this work together.”

The HBO host then cited a survey of 173 colleges that found that “42%” of them offered segregated residences and “72%” offered segregated graduation ceremonies.

“Well, congratulations, liberal parents. You just paid 100 grand for your kid to move to Biloxi, Mississippi in 1948,” Maher quipped. “I mean, we’re a nation that professes diversity as our strength. But now half the kids’ dorm rooms are determined by racial purity?… You see what I mean about becoming so woke, you come back out the racist side?”

Not stopping there, Maher issued a warning about what is to come.

“Because what’s next? What follows separate dorms, anthems, ceremonies, cafes, gyms, separate neighborhoods? That was red-lining!” he said. “They wouldn’t let Black people live in the town where I grew up. Then they do. The word for that is ‘progress.’ It’s where the term ‘progressive’ comes from. Most Americans, including nearly 80% of African Americans, want to live in racially diverse neighborhoods.”

“The Black silent majority seems to be behind the idea that you can’t have a melting pot with two pots!” Maher added. “Yes, America was born from the original sin of slavery and redress for that is still in order but not at the cost of destroying a country that most Black people now have found a decent life in with a relatively higher standard of living and don’t want to lose. And Balkanizing our nation will certainly cause us to lose it.”

“We need to stop regarding this new woke segregation as if it’s some sort of cultural advancement,” he concluded. “It’s not. … Countries do disintegrate into madness when they indulge their separatist tendencies; Hutus slaughtering Tutsis in Rwanda, Catholics and Protestants in Ireland, Sunnis and Shiites in Iraq, Hindus and Muslims in Kashmir, everyone in Afghanistan, and that one Jew. We need to unite as one nation who come together and sing one anthem always out of key.”

We don’t often agree with Maher, but with his analysis, he’s spot on. Liberals have become so “woke” that it’s actually made them more racist than anyone else in this country, and the racial madness they’re creating needs to end because all it’s doing is dividing us even more.

This piece was written by James Samson on September 25, 2021. It originally appeared in RedVoiceMedia.com and is used by permission.

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