In testimony on Capitol Hill on Tuesday Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin and Generals Mark Milley and Kenneth McKenzie told Congress that Joe Biden was informed that the generals recommended that the US keep 2,500 troops in Afghanistan to see to the withdrawal and subsequent events. Biden has previously denied this. The three knew of Biden’s denial, but said the opposite, basically calling Biden a liar. This is an interesting play on the part of Austin and the generals.


The trio understand the media beating Milley and Austin have taken over Afghanistan. Now they are deflecting the blame on to Biden. Nobody is saying the withdrawal would have been perfect if 2,500 troops would have remained for a period. But it undoubtedly would have gone a lot better. The SecDef and the generals have politically isolated Biden. He is either lying or his mental disease clouded his memory. Neither option is one the White House can tolerate. So, how do they respond?

Are you embarrassed to have Joe Biden as America's "President"?

They can call the generals liars themselves. But they’d have to also say the same thing about a major Cabinet officer who is also black. Given the race hustling inherent in the modern Democrat Party, can you imagine how that would turn out? And there is no wiggle room. Austin and the generals were crystal clear.

If we discount plain integrity and CYA motives, we can discount the first option, then it’s politics. It becomes: What did Biden know and when did he know it? A president fell from office for just this sort of thing. Did the Three Amigos act alone? Or was this Get Biden message coordinated by Democrats, as we’ve recently speculated, who want Biden out the door before the 2022 midterms. Is this the first shot at a wounded albatross?


No matter what the backstory is, Elvis has left the building. There is no unsaying what Austin, Milley, and McKenzie have said. They have categorically thrown down a gauntlet at Joe Biden’s feet. After he hazily looks around, thinks about a pony, and then wonders when his next feeding is, he should see it. What he does after that is going to be fascinating to watch.