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DHS Secretary Mayorkas Hit Hard By Jake Tapper

Even liberal CNN host Jake Tapper recognizes the recent hypocrisy of the Biden administration. On one hand, they are implying Border Patrol agents are racist slavedrivers. Biden is also blatantly lying about “whips.”


On the other hand, they sent out DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas to praise the Border Patrol. You know why? Biden and the veep stepped on a political land mine when they went after the Border Patrol and now Mayorkas has been tasked with trying to clean up the mess. Fat chance, Mr. Secretary.

FNC: “CNN host Jake Tapper hit critics who spread ‘patently false’ rumors about the mounted Border Patrol agents on the southern border on Sunday’s ‘State of the Union,’ some of whom were members of the Biden administration.

When a now infamous image of a Border Patrol agent mounted on a horse appearing to be corral migrants with a rope made the rounds on social media last week, critics were quick to accuse the agents of ‘whipping’ Haitian migrants trying to enter the country illegally. More context for the photo revealed, however, that the reins were only used to control their horses. Still, leading Democrats and members of the media pushed ahead with the original story and the Department of Homeland Security launched an investigation into the matter. To some, it sounded as though members of the Biden administration had already made up their minds about the agents. White House press secretary Jen Psaki took the same approach, accusing Border Patrol of ‘brutal and inappropriate’ behavior.”

Mayorkas said the images “horrified” Americans.  They did not. Such weak spin. And Biden himself, completely delusional, said, “I promise you those people will pay. They will be – an investigation under way now, and there will be consequences. And there will be consequences.” Perhaps Joe will throw his drool bucket at them.

Tapper said to Mayorkas: “But that’s the thing. Some of the initial descriptions of those images were just patently false. There’s now video out there that provides more context. Having seen the video, are you certain that there was actually wrongdoing?”


Mayorkas then hypocritically praised Border Patrol agents as “heroic” and “tireless” and said he was “incredibly proud” to work with them. What utter hogwash. “The nice words you said about [Border Patrol], you should probably share with President Biden—not just with me today,” Tapper said. Score one Tapper.