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Mayor Of Del Rio, A Democrat, Blasts Biden For Abandoning Southern Border

America is watching the city of Del Rio as tens of thousands of illegal immigrants flood over the border with little to stop them. Setting up an encampment under the International Bridge, Governor Greg Abbott and many Republicans have called for President Biden to take control of the country and its border. But as the situation grows worse, the White House and Democrats remain silent on the matter. Well, not all Democrats. Although in Texas, the Mayor of Del Rio, Bruno Lozano, who happens to be a Democrat, called out his own party as his town is being swallowed by migrants. 


With a city with just over 35,000 citizens in it, Del Rio is now facing close to 16,000 illegal immigrants setting up camp right outside. And again, the White House has done nothing to fix the situation. 

Taking aim at Vice President Kamala Harris, who tossed the coin Saturday at a college football game, Lozano said, “The VP is able to visit the fun events across the country, while American communities continue to grapple with failed immigration reform. Where is the visit to Del Rio, TX? He added, “We need you to visit Del Rio, Texas.”

Lozano didn’t stop trying to reach Harris as he also responded to one of her tweets. Harris tweeted, “The U.S. is falling behind, on a global scale, on investing in childcare. We invest fewer public dollars in early childhood education and care relative to GDP than almost all other developed countries. With our Build Back Better Agenda, @POTUS and I are determined to change that.”

Commenting on the tweet, Lozano asked, “The US is failing to protect its borders. Why aren’t you here? @POTUS[.]”


And according to Lozano, who also tweeted President Joe Biden, he sat down with Governor Greg Abbott to work out a plan to help protect America and its border. He tweeted, “Where is your plan to protect American communities at the southern border? I spoke to Governor Abbott today. We have developed a temporary plan, we’d like to see yours.”

But again, even with their own party reaching out, Biden and Harris have yet to make a comment.