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Mayorkas Again Fails As Administration Spox On Border

Notice how, aside from his senile ramblings of retribution, Biden doesn’t say much on the border? Harris tries to avoid the subject at all costs. Why? Because their record on border security is one of unmitigated disaster.


The fake whip scenario, the public health situation on the border, the massive surge in illegal immigrants, the here and now in Del Rio, the Haitian influx, catch and release into American cities, and more all point to results that do not sit pretty with the American people.

Who has been tasked as the media pinata on these issues? DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, that’s who. The man can’t bargle out a sentence without sounding like a confused robot. Even Chris Wallace, no hard charger himself, has a difficult time believing the bumbling Cabinet member.

FNC: “Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas admitted Sunday that the vast majority of Haitian migrants who crossed the southern U.S. border in recent weeks have already been released into the United States, and it is possible that more will follow them.

So far, approximately 12,400 of the people are having their cases heard by immigration judges, while another 5,000 are being processed by the Department of Homeland Security. Currently, only 3,000 are in detention.”

“Approximately, I think it’s about 10,000 or so, 12,000,” Mayorkas told ‘Fox News Sunday’ when asked how many Haitians have already been released into America. “It could be even higher. The number that are returned could be even higher ” Mayorkas said.

Mayorkas lied and said the administration “will make determinations whether they will be returned to Haiti based on our public health and public interest authorities.” Nope. Translation: “This is totally based on politics and where we can plant them to give an advantage to the Democrat Party.”


Even liberal host Chris Wallace pressed that according to Department of Justice data 44% of those released duck court appearances and disappear into the bowels of the nation. Thus  he implied, how is this effective policy?

About 30,000 Haitians have crossed into Del Rio, Texas, since Sept. 9. Wallace asked Maoyrkas how they got through. Mayorkas replied, in words that would make proud any absurdist, “We surged our resources, we surged our personnel.” Someone needs to reprogram Mayorkas, a sprocket seems to be loose.