Rebellious Staten Islanders, my birthplace and that no doubt in their thoughts, decided to protest the Third Reich-like “your papers please” vaccination edict of Marxist Mayor Bill Deblasio. Being good Staten Islanders, they did it where they could also get a stromboli.


But, unlike Big X Roger Bartlett in the classic film “The Great Escape”, their chutzpah surprised and overwhelmed the petty officials who may have thought of enforcing the vaccination diktat. It does the soul well to see New Yorkers rebel against Deblasio socialism. But Staten Island is a Republican atoll in a blue Democrat sea. Deblasio will thus get his way, mostly, in New York City, as the majority of the residents were ideologically neutered some time ago.

FNC: “Demonstrators assembled at a Staten Island food court Saturday to protest New York City’s mandate requiring residents to show proof of vaccination to dine at restaurants.

Video shot by freelance journalist Oliya Scootercaster shows a diverse crowd of maskless people packed inside a food court at Staten Island Mall. Many can be seen wearing Trump paraphernalia. One man waves an American flag while the crowd chants, “U-S-A! U-S-A!’ ”

Are you embarrassed to have Joe Biden as America's "President"?

“Everybody, go eat! That is what we’re here to do!” shouted one of the protesters. Other chanted, “F— Joe Biden!” and “My body! My choice!” Clever, using the left’s abortion mantra against them.

“We shouldn’t be carrying papers and showing papers because we live in America. We’re the land of the free,” said a female demonstrator. “I don’t like experiments,” a rebel told Scootercaster. “Whatever happened to ‘my body, my choice?’” Well now, somebody briefed the group on message discipline.


John Matland, 36, who organized the demonstration, commented, “There were multiple levels to what we were accomplishing. We were stimulating the economy of the mall, people were going to go shop afterward if they chose to. But, specifically, the food court would be getting an influx of money and support. We would be proving that you can’t enforce this and that there is no avenue with legal standing to do so. And we were showing that if people walked in, sat down, they wouldn’t really be stopped. Which we weren’t.”