Coming up on his ninth month as President, Joe Biden has been able to weather several storms. There was the COVID-19 pandemic, which the country and world are still fighting, the highly controversial 2020 election, and the ongoing Southern Border crisis. Now, on top of it all, President Biden has to juggle the disaster in Afghanistan. In just the last week alone, 13 U.S. service members lost their lives when the Kabul airport was bombed by terrorists. Even after promising to leave no person behind, reports are circulating that Biden left close to 100 American civilians stranded in Afghanistan. And according to a new poll, it appears the majority of voters want Biden to resign over the Afghanistan withdrawal. 


In the new Rasmussen Reports, which was conducted between August 30 and 31st, 52% of voters say they want President Biden to resign. Another 39% disagreed and stood by Biden while only 9% said they were unsure. 

The poll also found that majority of voters were split when it came to supporting a Democrat or Republican candidate for President. It currently sits at 40% each, but pollster Scott Rasmussen did comment, saying, “Over the last five months I have run the same question every single month, until this version this past weekend, the Democrats have led every single time. So the trend is moving a little bit in favor of the GOP.”

Rasmussen also added, “The last month has been pretty horrible for the Biden administration and it’s beginning to show up in these numbers.”


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While Biden’s future as president might be bleak, close to 58% of voters said they were highly motivated to vote in the next election due to current circumstances. It’s unclear if they would be motivated to vote for Biden or not, but according to the polls – it doesn’t look good. Before the Afghanistan disaster, polls had Biden hovering around 50%. Now, the President is barely scraping 41%.