You gotta admit it, they are ubercool. The Border Patrol, not the Republicans. With their western lawman look and horses, these guys, not the Space Force, should have been given the sobriquet “the Guardians.”

However, their mission of guarding the border doesn’t sit well with Democrats, who want to inundate the border with economic refugees, and some hostile intelligence agents, who they think will flip red states to blue for them. Republicans are punching back.

FNC: “Republican senators Lindsey Graham of South Carolina and Tom Cotton of Arkansas hammered President Biden Thursday for his administration’s harsh criticisms of Border Patrol’s handling of the flood of Haitian migrants in Del Rio.

The Biden administration announced Thursday that it is prohibiting Border Patrol agents from using horses in the Del Rio sector amid Democratic outrage over images that lawmakers claimed showed agents using ‘whips’ to block Haitian migrants from getting into the U.S.”

“Joe Biden created this crisis. And now he’s throwing the Border Patrol under the bus,” Cotton wrote on Twitter. “This will make things much worse.”

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Graham hit the snakebit Biden administration as the “most incompetent Administration in modern American history” that has “scapegoated and demagogued” Border Patrol as they are “asked to do the impossible.”

“The coyotes and cartels will appreciate the Biden Administration removing Border Patrol agents on horseback from this section of the border as it was slowing down their smuggling business,” Graham tweeted on Thursday. “This is yet another surrender of the border by the Biden Administration,” he added. “It is only a matter of time until terrorists seize upon this debacle.”

Rep. August Pfluger, R-Texas, told press on Tuesday that the agents “are desperately trying to carry out their duties despite being woefully understaffed and lacking the resources they urgently need. If [DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas] is truly ‘horrified’ as he said, he should tell President Biden to stop playing political games with our nation’s security and return to President Trump’s strong-border policies that were working,” the Texas Republican said. “Close the border once and for all,” Pfluger added. Bingo. Or at least until we get a handle on the entire situation.