There are many Americans left in Afghanistan, but only one flight has left over several days. The State Department is trusting the Taliban’s excuse that it’s a paperwork issue. But Republicans smell a rat and are up in arms over the delay.


FNC: “Secretary of State Antony Blinken told reporters Wednesday that the Taliban have kept planes grounded in Kabul because some evacuees lack required visa documentation, but Republicans on the Hill are frustrated with that ‘excuse’ from the administration when it comes to getting evacuees out of Afghanistan.

A spokesperson for Michigan Republican Rep. Peter Meijer, who traveled in secret to Afghanistan prior to the withdrawal of U.S. forces, told Fox News the congressman ‘believes that the Taliban’s comments regarding delayed charter flights are not an excuse for the issues we’re seeing with evacuations from Afghanistan.’ ”

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Blinken told reporters Wednesday, that “as of now, the Taliban are not permitting the charter flights to depart.”

“They claim that some passengers do not have the required documentation,” Blinken said. “While there are limits to what we can do without personnel on the ground, without an airport with normal security procedures in place, we are working to do everything in our power to support those flights and to get them off the ground.”

On Tuesday, Blinken told media it was his “understanding” that the “Taliban has not denied exit to anyone holding a valid document, but they have said those without valid documents, at this point, can’t leave.” And he believes them.

“No matter what the Biden administration tries to claim, we know for a fact there are Americans with proper documents who are trying to leave and have not been able to,” the top Republican on the House Foreign Affairs Committee, Rep. Michael McCaul, told press.


Rep. Meijer also comments, “Since the Taliban is the only voice we’re hearing from the ground, we have no way of verifying what is causing delays,” the spokesman for Meijer said. “We have yet to see anything of substance from the Biden administration regarding their plans to evacuate American citizens and our loyal allies. They clearly have no plans other than relying on the Taliban’s goodwill.”