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Trump Crowd Wants Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg Locked Up Amid Election Scandal

No matter how many months pass or how many press conferences President Joe Biden gives, America still wants to know what happened on election night. Did Joe Biden really become the most voted for president in the history of America, or did former President Donald Trump really have the White House stolen from him? This question has been the main driving force for several audits around the country. But while the audits are still taking place, Trump attended a Saturday rally in Perry, Georgia where the crowd not only shared his claims about the 2020 election but also took aim at Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, chanting “Lock him up!”


For those that might not be aware, it was recently reported that Facebook gave Georgia officials around $45 million to help fund election-related activities. According to some, the tampering by Facebook could have “significantly affected” the outcome of the 2020 election in Georgia. 

During his speech, Trump slammed state officials for taking the money. “Georgia officials also took $45 million dollars from Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg to fund election-related activities.” 

Again, Trump could barely get out a sentence before the crowd fell back into their regular chants of “lock him up!”

According to Fox News reports, both Zuckerberg and his wife, Priscilla Chan, gave upwards of $350 million to the Center for Tech and Civic Life, which released grants to most states, including D.C. ahead of the 2020 election. Why is this important, because those grants went to election administrations during the election process. 

The report also stated that $31 million was given to the state of Georgia. If you didn’t know, that is “where Joe Biden narrowly won the state’s 16 electoral votes, beating then-President Trump by fewer than 12,000 votes.”

Surprisingly, that isn’t all as “the center also gave $14.5 million to Georgia counties for the state’s two January runoff elections, where Democrats won both to flip the U.S. Senate majority to Democrats.”


With an estimated 20,000 people in attendance, Trump said, “Over 90 percent of this funding, they say, for the November election was given to Democrat areas of the state, and used to boost Democrat voter turnout. What’s that all about? You know they have a limit of like $5,200, [and] he’s given millions and millions of dollars to different states, not only Georgia.”