By his mind-staggering incompetence, Joe Biden has done serious damage to US national security by permitting advanced US weaponry to fall into the hands of the Taliban and Chinese. Donald Trump gets that and is not shy about saying it.


Trump: “We look like we surrendered. We look like we ran,” Trump said. “We had F-35 fighter jets – the greatest in the world – and they had knives,” he added.

“They didn’t disable any equipment,” Trump said of the Biden administration. “The equipment is perfect – and if it is not absolutely perfect, it will be fixed, very, very quickly, probably by China or Russia…The goggles are the best in the world, they now have thousands of goggles,” Trump said. “They are going to do night fighting, which they would have never done before. They never have done that before…They gave a lot of it to the Taliban, and the Taliban doesn’t need all of it, so they are sending a lot of the most sophisticated stuff to China and Iran and they’re sending it to Russia – to re-engineer.”

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Trump was backed up by U.S. Army Col. Heino Klinck (No? Really? Cue Hogan’s Heroes joke). The colonel said the possibility of enemies attempting to re-engineer U.S. military tools is “highly probable.”

“The Taliban is currying favor with the Chinese Communist Party because, right now, the Taliban finds itself internationally isolated,” Klinck told Fox News. “So they are hoping Beijing uses its influence to help the Taliban – particularly in financial and economic terms.” Klinck said he believes it is “likely” that China “will be able to technically exploit our equipment left behind.”


“I anticipate because the Taliban wants a relationship with Beijing, that they are going to view favorably any request from China to allow them to look at American equipment,” Klinck said. “It is not just about reverse engineering,” he said. “Oftentimes, that implies that whoever is doing that is going to want to reproduce the item. This is also about finding technical vulnerabilities to enhance their own indigenously produced systems.” Klinck also had highly complimentary things to say about General Burkhalter.