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WATCH: New York Teachers Protests Vaccine Mandate, Chant “F**K Joe Biden!”

On Monday, protests broke out in New York City as Americans voiced their disdain for the new vaccine mandate being proposed by President Joe Biden and practically every Democrat. Marching across the Brooklyn Bridge, the teacher’s group is also protesting Mayor Bill de Blasio who announced last month that all personnel within the Department of Education must get the vaccine by September 27. Being forced to get the vaccine in order to keep their jobs, the protesters chanted a familiar phrase heard around numerous college football games, “F**K Joe Biden!”


Carrying signs that read, “Last years heroes, this years unemployed,” “My body, my choice,” and “I call the shots,” numerous videos of the protest quickly made their way online. As you can see in the videos below, hundreds of people, including teachers, staffers, and even parents gathered together at the “Freedom Rally” to stand up for their right to choose what vaccine they get.

One retired teacher, Amy Carroll told reporters, “I have lived and worked in this city as a civil servant for 28 years of my life. I should be able to make my own health decisions and make a decision that doesn’t affect my employment that doesn’t affect my right to go to a restaurant, or a Broadway play, a museum.”

Her husband, Bill Carroll, who is also a retired teacher, added, “I think what they’re doing in America, they’re taking away our rights about all decisions, medical decisions, we’re standing here we’re letting the government take over everything.”


While standing up for their rights, teacher Alycia Morell added that it was more about the children than anything. “I came with a bunch of teachers from a school in Whitestone, Queens. We’re here because of the mandates, some of us are even vaccinated, but we’re fighting the mandate and we don’t want the children to have to be mandated for vaccines — so we’re fighting for everybody not just ourselves.”