With America watching as thousands of Haitian migrants flood the border, voters are blaming President Joe Biden due to his weak stance when it comes to border security. For close to nine months now, the Southern border has been a constant strain on the Biden administration, and it only appears to be getting worse as reporters can’t even take pictures inside the immigration detention centers. But while it was widely known that former President Donald Trump took a no-nonsense approach to the border, the White House suggested on Thursday that he was to blame for the current crisis at the border. 

At this point, it shouldn’t be all that shocking given the fact that both the Democrats and the Biden administration love to blame Trump for all their woes and problems. So, when it comes to the Southern border, it is only fitting that Press Secretary Jen Psaki would even suggest that it was all Trump’s fault. 

Having been asked why Democrats were comparing Biden’s efforts to secure the border to those of Trump, Psaki spun the question to make it appear that it was all Trump’s doing. “We could not see it as any more different from the policy of the prior administration, which the president feels, we all feel was inhuman, immoral, ineffective, wasn’t operationally working,” she added. “And because of the dysfunction of it, we are dealing with the very broken system that we’re dealing with today.”

And blaming Trump is outrageous when it was Biden’s own decision to end Trump’s “Remain in Mexico” policy for immigrants seeking asylum inside the U.S.. According to many officials, it was this direct action that has led to over 15,000 illegal immigrants camping under the International Bridge in Del Rio, Texas. 

To further tear apart what Trump did at the border, President Biden also reinstated the catch-and-release policy. This allowed many migrants to remain in America while they were awaiting their court date.

While doing away with most of Trump’s policies, it should be noted that Biden did keep the Title 42 authorities, which were drafted in the Trump administration. They allow immigrants to be expelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic.