Remember when the Hunter Biden laptop story first broke right before the 2020 Presidential election and Big Tech suspended the NY Post from Twitter and Big Media called it Russian disinformation?

Well, it wasn’t Russian disinformation. It was evidence that Joe Biden could be compromised and a threat to National Security.


Sandra Smith: The gallery selling hunter Biden’s artwork getting a ton of attention and federal COVID money. The dealer representing President Biden’s son receiving several disaster loans. The amount nearly doubling after Biden took office, bringing the total to more than half a million dollars. The New York Post calling it sketchy, especially since the gallery has only two employees. This one’s still a head-scratcher for many. Seeing the price of those paintings for what they’re selling, right John?

John Roberts: It’s like a big ogre or a big onion. It’s got a lot of layers to it and we just keep peeling it back.


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Seems like it’s definitely some circumstances that would, at a minimum, be considered suspect.

According to some comments on the internet, it’s well beyond that minimum…

“This is so blatant corruption! Come on Man! F Joe Biden!”

“That’s not art…nothing but pay for play. He is a criminal.”

“oh yeah. and they still want us to believe this crap is ok this is the stupidest money laundry scam I have ever seen who are they kidding here”

“This is how The Government Mafia works….it’s all about kickbacks, money laundering, and insider trading. I chose not to participate

“The Biden’s corruption is in plain sight and yet the MSM just stick their collective heads in the sand… nothing to see here!!”

“Sick of the corruption. FBI and DOJ better get their priorities straight and their shit together and do their effing jobs.”

“Hunters Laptop is the real piece of art that will bankrupt the Bidan Crime Syndicate.”

“Pay to play. Corrupt administration.”

“Who is worse? The thief…or the person who sees the thief at work.. and does nothing to punish him?”

“Let’s go, Brandon!”

“You are not peeling it back often enough Fox!”

This piece was written by Zach Heilman on October 12, 2021. It originally appeared in and is used by permission.

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