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Kat Von D Is The Latest Celebrity To Leave California Due To Democrat’s Poor Leadership

While Hollywood celebrities have always been known to support the liberal agenda and Democrats, the past couple of months have shown them just what the left is all about. Mandatory vaccines, mask mandates, and we won’t even mention the economy or Southern border. With barely 10 months having control in Washington, the Democrats have led America on the brink of collapse. And seeing the writing on the wall, their massive fanbase, including celebrities are jumping ship. The latest supporter to leave – Kat Von D. 

Always known for her love for California and wicked tattoos, Von D has become somewhat of a staple in the state. But again, this was before Democratic Governor Gavin Newsom decided to push outrageous mandates and force the vaccine on children. Comical, he also tried to ban lawnmowers from being sold. 

Still, making the announcement, Von D wrote on Instagram, “As some of you know, we recently purchased a beautiful home on a bit of land in rural Indiana, and the more time we spend out there we realize we feel more at home there than we do here in LA. Goodbye California.”

Closing her shop in L.A., High Voltage, many fans were left wondering where the artist was moving to. But luckily, Von D  answered that question too. “After much thought, we have decided we will permanently be moving to Indiana at the end of this year. We plan on selling our beautiful home here, and I will most likely open a private studio in Indiana once we are done with the house remodel there. I didn’t think it would make sense to keep it open if I wasn’t present, and aside from coming back to work on music with my band, we don’t plan on returning to LA very often.”

And for those who might be wondering why, it should be noted that Von D has been critical of California’s Democratic leadership for some time. After buying the historical Benjamin Schenk Mansion, in Vevay, Indiana, Von D said the decision was based on California’s “terrible policies, tyrannical government overreach, ridiculous taxing, amongst so many more corruption.”