They must be getting very nervous about the midterms at MSNBC. They can see the disastrous effects of the Biden administration and can read poll numbers. So they have trotted out another Big Lie.

This one accuses Republicans of passing laws, (OMG-Not That!) against false voting and election corruption. Oh no. How dare those rascally Republicans dare to use legislation to make law. That is simply unheard of.

From now up until next November you will hear similar indictments. Though you’ve got to give them credit for chutzpah. A party that has been stealing elections for decades decides the other guys are doing it. But, they can’t point to any actual corruption or election theft. So they conclude the very act of election reform is so heinous it amounts to stealing. Yup, they’re nervous as hell. Heh.

FNC: “Frequent MSNBC fill-in host Jason Johnson claimed Monday that Republicans were optimistic about their chances to win the 2022 midterm elections because they intended to “cheat.”

During an appearance on ‘Deadline: White House,’ Johnson joined host Nicolle Wallace and fellow MSNBC contributor Charlie Sykes in predicting former President Donald Trump’s continued influence over the GOP, and accused Republicans of rigging future elections by passing ‘voter suppression laws’ across the country that would ‘guarantee’ them victories.”

“[A] key thing to understand why Republicans are optimists for next year, even if they’re sort of waving themselves and wrapping themselves in a Trump burrito, is they’re going to cheat. They’re just going to make voting laws throughout the country that guarantee that they’re going to win,” he added. “They just figure that they’re going to pass legislation to make it harder for Democrats to vote …They just figure, if we can pass enough voter suppression, wrap ourselves in Trump, and intimidate the other side, we can win in 2022.”

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“Not only are Republicans not trying to get off the Trump train, they’re fighting and scalping tickets to get on it,” Johnson said. “I think they’ve taken the right lessons, and the right lessons are you can rally people around a lie based on white supremacy and sexism and nationalism and homophobia and everything else like that.” Get a grip fella. You’re going to lose. Take it like a man.