It is really fascinating to see a mask drop. When, in an inadvertent moment someone speaks the truth because they are so confident that there will be no repercussions from their admission of wrong doing or corruption, it is quite edifying. Such as it was with Nancy Pelosi on Tuesday.

A reporter asked the speaker why the Biden budget was so unpopular and couldn’t get the votes to pass in Congress. Pelosi’s response to her? You guys need to sell it better. Hence that’s what she thinks the job of the press is, to promote the Democrat agenda. No objectivity, only obedience.

Now Pelosi has a lot of empirical evidence going for her. So you can’t tag her admission as a lie. For several decades the major media save Fox has just been the press arm of the Democrat Party. So no wonder Pelosi expects subservience. But that usual kowtow is not to be spoken of openly, so press and others can maintain the fiction they are honest brokers, not crass propagandists. But for an instant Nancy revealed what she thought the place of a free press is in a constitutional republic. Her attitude smacks of despotism and the expectation of a lap dog media.

FNC: “House Speaker Nancy Pelosi lectured congressional reporters Tuesday on Capitol Hill for not doing a good enough job “selling” President Biden’s Build Back Better plan.

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A new CBS News poll revealed only 10% of respondents said they knew “a lot of the specifics” of what’s included in Biden’s $3.5 trillion spending package. Asked about the low number of Americans informed on the matter, Pelosi placed the blame not on the White House, but on the press.”

“Do you think you need to do a better job at messaging, and going forward, how do you sell this?” CBS News’ Nikole Killion asked.

“Well I think you all could do a better job of selling it, to be very frank with you. Every time I come here, I go through the list … It is hard to break through when you have such a comprehensive package.” When you have the press in your pocket though, the job becomes so much easier.

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