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The Big Rotten Apple Further Decays

Ah, the joys of Marxist living. Crime, socialist indoctrination, a chattering class elite who care nothing for their social inferiors, and of course, a cultural degradation that makes downtown Mogadishu look like Belle Epoque Paris.

FNC: “A 65-year-old New York City woman was seen on video being chased, dragged and punched during an attempted robbery in broad daylight last week, authorities said.

The violent attack happened in Brooklyn’s Fort Greene neighborhood just before 5 p.m. on Sept. 28, the NYPD said. The woman is seen on surveillance video walking near the intersection of St. Edwards Street and Willoughby Avenue near Fort Greene Park when a man on a bicycle approaches her from behind.”

We bring you thus little vignette not to report on urban news, but to illustrate a larger point. There are millions, tens of millions, among us who think NYC today is properly governed. The list of these fellow Americans is not limited to Manhattan. They can be found in Baltimore, Chicago, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Atlanta, St. Louis, and in other formerly great American cities that have become municipal dumpster fires.

Back to FNC: “A man was brutally beaten outside a New York City 7-Eleven store early Monday and robbed of his cellphone and bicycle, police said. The violent altercation began around 1:30 a.m. inside the convenience store on Lafayette Street, the New York Police Department said. Two males approached a 46-year-old man and began an argument with the victim, police said.” Sure, that kind of thing happens all over. But in NYC and the aforementioned towns it is the norm and the residents not only tolerate it, but encourage it by their voting patterns.

And this last detail from life in “The Town That Never Sleeps (because it’s too high on meth).” Marxist New York Mayor Bill de Blasio misused police resources for personal gain. The NYC Department of Investigation found that the mayor directed members of his Executive Protection Unit to help move his daughter out of her apartment in Brooklyn in 2018. Cops aided the first sprogette in carrying furniture and an NYPD van carried her stuff to Gracie Mansion, the official residence of the mayor of New York City. Yup, in NYC rules and ethics are only for the little people.