When it comes to America, it’s safe to say they aren’t buying the persona that is President Joe Biden. While the Democrats continue to promote the Biden administration and hail him as a strong, competent leader, the people of America aren’t so sure. While polls and statistics can be manipulated, it appears the voters wanted to make sure President Biden knew what they thought of him, which lead to the now-famous “F**K Joe Biden” chant. From college football to NASCAR, people all over the country are embracing a motto that has come to sum up the Biden campaign. And if President Biden was hoping it was just angry conservatives, he might not want to watch this next clip. 

On Saturday, thousands of demonstrators marched through the famous Via Veneto in Rome, protesting the new vaccine requirements for employees. According to The Associated Press, the crowd “clashed with police as they protested Italy’s new ‘Green Pass’ vaccination requirement for employees to enter their offices.”

The outlet added, “The certification is mandatory beginning on Oct. 15 and applies to public and private workplaces. Both employees and employers risk fines if they don’t comply. Public sector workers can be suspended if they show up five times without a Green Pass. The pass is already required in Italy to enter museums, theaters, gyms and indoor restaurants, as well as to take long-distance trains and buses or domestic flights.” 

As you can see in the video below, protesters were marching in front of the American Embassy when the classic chant started. 

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It wasn’t just President Biden who caught the anger of the protesters, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was recently visiting Rome when again the chants broke out during Mass. At one point, the protests got so loud that Italian security officials had to escort Pelosi and her husband out of St. Patrick’s Church. 

While the rest of the world joins in on the chant, in America, it was business as usual this past weekend as the Western Journal reported, “This holiday weekend, as the Old Row Sports Twitter account extensively documented, saw many appearances of both versions of the chant, ranging from that preferred by Christian conservatives at Jerry-Fallwell-founded Liberty University to the much-earthier version, including one spelled out on the type of sign normally seen at road-construction sites.”