WASHINGTON, D.C. -The double standards of the left and the Biden Regime never end.

It’s almost always rules for thee and not for me.

In today’s example, we have Joe Biden getting caught maskless in a ‘mask required’ establishment.

Doocy calls him out with a question to White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki, who scrambles with an answer where she all but admits that Joe Biden isn’t following the advice of his own administration.


Peter Doocy: He was shopping in a store, and on the glass outside, it said face covering required, and we could see him inside, and his face was uncovered.

Are you embarrassed to have Joe Biden as America's "President"?

Jen Psaki: Well, again, Peter, our recommendation advice continues to be for people to wear masks when they are required in establishments. I don’t know what this establishment was. The President obviously follows the health, the advice of his health and medical team.

Below, to provide more context is the original video that we previously reported on.


If you were left a bit annoyed by Psaki’s answer-non answer, you’re definitely not alone.

Here’s what some of the beautiful people of the interwebs had to say about this exchange…

“Rules for thee and not for me!! Bullshit! I’ve NEVER FOLLOWED UR RULES!! And I NEVER WILL! Let’s go Brandon!! #FJB”

“I would hate to have her job go to work every day and be made to look like an idiot every time she takes the podium.”

“Raggedy Ann Strikes Again!!! How can she sleep at night knowing she’s defending this squatter in the White House while he ruins America?”

“Well, if she needs a job in the future. She can always get one on a farm spreading bulls**t. She is really good at it.”

“So by that standard, I will follow the advice of my medical team also. My medical team tells me I don’t have to wear masks. Ever.”

“”I don’t know what this establishment was…” Like that makes ANY difference. Mass. has an indoor mask mandate for.ANY establishment. Nice try, sweetheart!”

“My “health and medical team,” tells me I don’t have to wear a mask either.”

“Apparently “his medical team” is different than for the rest of the country…..geez – how lame can you get???? To think that I would have to go to work every day and wonder how I would try to spin lies would be enough to make me not want to work. Oh wait, that’s many in our country because of our government.”

This piece was written by Zach Heilman on November 30, 2021. It originally appeared in RedVoiceMedia.com and is used by permission.

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