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Latest Grey’s Anatomy Episode Suggest ‘Thanksgiving Isn’t Really a Holiday We Should Celebrate’

Since the Democrats decided to back movements like Antifa and Black Lives Matter, there has been a massive push in America to erase its dark history. Like any country, America has had its moments of weakness and bad decisions. Even now, after generations, people are still paying for the sins of their ancestors. And in their latest push to eradicate America’s tradition, the liberals have set their eyes on the holiday Thanksgiving. 

Using the media and entertainment to push their agenda, the latest episode of ABC’s longest-running primetime show, Grey’s Anatomy, decided to attack Thanksgiving, even calling the holiday illegitimate. And the reasoning why – colonialism. 

Using the characters to spew the propaganda, Meredith Grey gets a quick history lesson from her adopted daughter Zola. “Thanksgiving isn’t really a holiday we should celebrate. There’s no actual evidence Native Americans were even invited to a feast. I think they cared more about being colonized and having their land stolen than mashed potatoes.”

While the show’s writers would love nothing more than to cancel the entire holiday, it should be noted that Thanksgiving is more than just Pilgrims and Native Americans. The main reasoning behind the holiday is to “give thanks” and recognize God’s provision in our lives. 

And although the liberals think differently, this has been the case since the first Thanksgiving proclamation in 1789 that was read by George Washington, America’s first President. The proclamation focused on the formation of the United States and the new constitution. 

Jumping forward to 1863, Abraham Lincoln used the holiday to focus on the ongoing Civil War and the importance of coming together. 

And Franklin Delano Roosevelt, who made Thanksgiving a national holiday, only mentioned the Pilgrims, saying they “humbly paused in their work and gave thanks to God for the preservation of their community and for the abundant yield of the soil.”

So while the liberal media continues to treat the holiday as being racist and supporting genocide, the truth is – Thanksgiving is a time to be thankful for everything that you have. Which, for the left can be hard when you have Joe Biden as President.