The Biden administration has promoted into top positions left wing generals who care more about politics than their mission. A retired Marine Colonel takes us inside the Pentagon.

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Retired US Marine Colonel Andrew Milburn told Fox News, “Can you imagine if those three or even two out of three had offered their resignation?” Milburn, a former Special Operations Central deputy commander, said about the Afghanistan debacle. “You don’t think that might have caused the president to think twice?” He refers to Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin, Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Gen. Mark Milley and Central Command head Gen. Kenneth McKenzie.

“I think they’re products of a culture that has arisen within the U.S. military that simply does not encourage innovative thinking or creative thinking,” Milburn, who spent 31 years in the military. “That rewards perhaps obedience above all else…I think within our organizations, the Joint Force, we sadly have a culture that does not always see the most strong-willed creative thinkers rise to the top. It’s a culture that I think is amiss.

“How are these three holding themselves responsible? I’ve seen all three of them during the 90-day period use that term,” Milburn said of Austin, Milley and McKenzie. “It’s very difficult to explain exactly what that means if you continue in office,” he added. “Holding yourself responsible often is a prelude to resignation. Not always, but … that’s really the ultimate sanction. So, it is hard to take them seriously.” They have “rendered their own words hollow.”

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When Biden told them to run out of Afghanistan, “That is the time to stand your ground and simply say, ‘no boss. I’ll give you my resignation. That should be our collective expectation of these people. No one really without any sense of foresight could say [Biden] will yank [the troops] out and the Afghan government will not collapse. Certainly as military planners, you always have some contingency plan, no matter how unlikely you think an event is to occur. If the events are going to be catastrophic, you plan for that. Ignoring the ramifications of any decision that you make or order that you pass, I suppose would come within that category of SNAFU,” he said.