With the Winter Olympics right around the corner, many Americans have waited to see what President Joe Biden’s stance will be since they are being held in Beijing, China. For months, given the rumors and stories of mistreatment, Americans have called for the Biden administration to boycott the Olympics. In a surprising move, President Biden did just that. But before you believe that America won’t compete, the boycott is only symbolic. And while some would like a more direct stance to be taken, Texas Senator Ted Cruz recently discussed the issue and was all for Americans competing and noted he hopes they “kick their commie a—-.”

Speaking on CBS’ “Face the Nation”, Cruz said he didn’t stand by a boycott but initially called for the Olympics to be moved. Cruz added that the International Olympic Committee (IOC) “refused to do that.”

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“I think it’s a mistake to have a full boycott of the Olympics. Jimmy Carter tried that in the 1970s. All it did was punish a generation of athletes. We’ve got young men and young women, Americans who spent their whole lives practicing for this moment. I don’t want to punish those young athletes.”

Cruz also pointed out that the U.S. must “show the courage the Women’s Tennis Association is showing to call out the murder, the genocide, the torture, the lies, the complicity in COVID-19 of Chinese Communist government, to speak the truth.” He couldn’t help but point out, “I really hope our young men and women that they go over there and kick their commie a—-. We need to win in the Olympics.”

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Margaret Brennan would eventually ask Cruz if corporations should take a stand against China for their slave labor practices. 

Again, Cruz didn’t hesitate. “When China engages in horrific slave labor, companies like Nike turned a blind eye. When you look at the NBA – I’m a diehard hoops fan – the NBA’s reaction to China is terrible. They’re terrified of upsetting the Chinese communist dictators. They value the money so much that in fact, you know, you and I both remember when Daryl Morey, who was the general manager of the [Houston] Rockets, sent one little innocuous tweet about Hong Kong, and the NBA bent over backward groveling to the Chinese communists.”