Jussie Smollett could not be more guilty. He faked an attack for publicity then tried to blame it on Trump supporters. But his story unraveled quickly. Here is the current status of the trial as of 3pm Thursday.

FNC: “After the defense finished its cross-examination of Abimbola “Bola” Osundairo, special prosecutor Dan Webb redirected the witness, asking key questions about how he and his brother would have known where Smollett was going to be at 2 a.m. during a Polar Vortex. He also got Osundairo to say that he was not aware that Smollett planned to go to the police when he agreed to stage the attack.

Webb also poked holes in the defense’s claim that this act would raise their profile, with Bola revealing that he lost his acting representation as a result of the case and has not worked as an actor since.

During a brief redirect from the defense, Bola was asked why Smollett would simultaneously ask for his assistance in getting in shape for a music video as well as injure his face, to which Bola said he didn’t know.

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Osundairo then concluded his time on the witness stand. Abimbola “Bola” Osundairo’s testimony on Thursday ended with the defense trying to cast doubt on his motivation for telling police that Jussie Smollett orchestrated the attack against him in 2019.

Defense attorney Shay Allen seemed to try to convince a jury through his cross-examination of Bola that he and his brother carried out the attack because they were trying to get Smollett to pay him as private security so that they could secure a regular paycheck beyond what Bola was getting for his regular work on “Empire.”

Under oath, Bola denied the allegation as well as another that he was shopping a book deal or that he and his sibling tried to blackmail Smollett for a $1 million fee to go away. The defense seemed to be attempting to paint the Osundairo brothers as two people who only got close to Smollett in an effort to further their career and status within show business.

Meanwhile, Bola’s testimony with the prosecution from Wednesday evening seemed to carry a bit more weight with video and other evidence being used to corroborate what he was testifying.” The prosecution has done well. The defense is putting up a sad effort. Smollett will be found guilty.