Putin and Xi are making a fool of Joe Biden and Biden is too addled to notice. When Taiwan and Ukraine are under attack, maybe he’ll wake up. Maybe.

FNC: “Russian President Vladimir Putin plans to talk to his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping about tensions with the U.S. and NATO over Ukraine during a virtual summit on Wednesday that is expected to further cement their relationship.

The Kremlin said the ‘aggressive’ rhetoric from the U.S. and NATO will be one of the key topics discussed, Reuters reported. Both Russia and China have expressed frustration over what they see as Washington’s unwanted reach into their own regional issues. Putin has expressed concern about what he sees as a NATO build-up near his own border, while Xi’s government has warned the U.S. not to get involved with its territorial dispute with Taiwan.

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President Biden warned Putin during a call last week that Russia would face painful sanctions that will do resounding economic harm if it again invaded Ukraine. Last month, Biden and Xi spoke of clear communication as the key to long-term diplomatic relations.”

“Right now, both China and the United States are at critical stages of development, and humanity lives in a global village, and we face multiple challenges together,” Xi said. Complete gibberish. But Biden will buy it.

Biden himself called for “common sense guardrails” to prevent issues from becoming conflicts and for mutual work on climate change and other “vital global issues.” You can hear the laughter in the Kremlin.

Senator Marsha Blackburn has a different view than Joe Biden. “Our partners in Kiev are staring down the barrels of 100,000 Russian rifles. The recent amassing of even more Russian troops, tanks and artillery along the Russia-Ukraine border proves that now it is Moscow taking its turn at testing American leadership and resolve. Vladimir Putin smells weakness in the White House and is taking measurements for a new Iron Curtain.

It’s nothing we haven’t seen before. In 2014, Russia launched a military campaign to seize the Crimean Peninsula.  Despite then-Ukrainian President Poroshenko’s pleas for military assistance, the Obama-Biden administration opted to send just $46 million in non-lethal security assistance, tantamount to sending a fly-swatter to ward off the Russian bear.”