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Republicans Take Virginia House

At this time last year no one expected Virginia to go deep red. But it did and it is likely the opening act in a state realignment that has national consequences for both parties.

The Democrats have for some time greatly relied on TDS and suburban women as vote getters. Well, Trump wasn’t on the ballot, regardless of how much Democrats talked about him, and some of those women are parents and don’t take too kindly to the Democrat war on parents. Republicans played a smart game and let the Democrats hang themselves. That might also work very well in 2022 and 2024.

FNC: “A three-judge panel overseeing a recount in a close Virginia Beach state House race upheld the Republican candidate’s victory on Friday, a decision that also reaffirms the GOP’s takeover of the chamber and completes the party’s sweep of last month’s elections.

Republicans also claimed the statewide offices of governor, lieutenant governor and attorney general in the Nov. 2 election. Those wins were a dramatic turnaround in a state where the GOP had not won a statewide race since 2009.

The certified results from the election showed Republicans leading in 52 districts and the Democrats leading in 48. The recount in the 85th District race resulted in Democratic incumbent Alex Askew gaining 12 votes, but he still trailed Republican challenger Karen Greenhalgh by 115 votes. There was one contested ballot. The panel found that the intent of the voter was unclear, so that ballot was not counted for either candidate.

After Democrats requested recounts in two races with razor-thin margins, that left open the remote possibility of a 50-50 split. Though the second recount, in the 91st District, is still expected to proceed next week, Democrats no longer have a shot at undoing the GOP’s majority. Askew is an incumbent freshmen first elected in 2019, when Democrats flipped both the House and Senate.”

What will this mean for 2022? Virginia was considered solid blue. This could offer hope for GOP candidates in 2022 and perhaps even return Virginia to the Republicans in the 2024 presidential election. Upsets like this are harbingers. This one does not spell good news for Democrats.