Although President Joe Biden and the Democrats are pushing the infrastructure bill harder than COVID-19 mandates, the American people are still not convinced spending trillions of dollars is the best way to fix the country. The bill has become such a focal point that President Biden flew to Minnesota this week to promote it. He even decided not to visit with victims of the Waukesha rampage that left six dead and over 60 injured. Pulling out all the stops, the Biden administration recently thought the best way to get Americans behind the bill was to use TV scientist Bill Nye to explain just how “Infrastructure is cool!”

Known for captivating children during the 90s, Bill Nye appeared in a TikTok video that was aimed at convincing America how important the bill is. Not only that, Nye was sure to throw some positive vibes at President Biden, who he called “Amtrak Joe”. 


As for the video, which can be watched above, it was promoted and shared by officials of the Biden administration like, Christian Tom, the Deputy Director of the White House Office of Digital Strategy. 

Are you embarrassed to have Joe Biden as America's "President"?

While the White House might have seen the promotional propaganda as a massive success, Ellen Carmichael, the President of The Lafayette Company tweeted, “If they’re just letting any guy with a mechanical engineering degree weigh in on the infrastructure debate, my dad’s got some opinions…”

Joe Gabriel Simonson, of the Washington Free Beacon, added that the video was “insanely demented.”

One user looked past the bill and targeted President Biden’s nickname, “Calling Joe Biden “Amtrak Joe” is a bigger indictment than Bill Nye realizes. The Amtrak is money pit. A disaster. It lost $700 million last year.”

Among the criticism were people like Rep. Katherine Clark, D-Mass., who praised the video, saying, “One might say this is how we ‘Bill Back Better.’”