Although Joe Biden has only been in the White House for 11 months, it is common knowledge among his handlers, the Democrats, and every American – whatever you do, don’t let him speak. Even before he supposedly won the 2020 election, Biden had already stumbled and fumbled so many times that YouTube was drowning in compilation videos proving just how incompetent he was. Still, being President, Biden can’t run and hide in his basement as he did during his campaign. But now, as if knowing him speaking would lead to a mountain of jokes, the White House mysteriously canceled a planned speech for Biden just 15 minutes before it was supposed to start. 

On Monday, President Biden was scheduled to meet with retail company CEOs to discuss the ongoing supply chain issues. With the Christmas season in full swing, many businesses are worried that the supply chain crisis could hurt their bottom line. After his meeting, President Biden was meant to speak on the current disruptions, but as mentioned above – it never happened. 

Informing reporters in the afternoon, the White House announced, “The President will no longer deliver remarks following his meeting with CEOs.”

According to the White House, the reason for the canceled speech was because Biden “wanted to ensure ample time spent with the business leaders who traveled to the White House today.”

What is interesting about the speech being canceled is the fact that President Biden spoke with reporters ahead of the meeting. He said before speaking with Wal-Mart CEO Doug McMillon, “I spent more time walking through the aisles of Wal-Mart than I want to admit. Because there’s one right across the street from where I live in Delaware.”

It should be noted that the meeting took place at the EOP Library, which Biden might never have visited before although it is right across the street from the White House. He literally said, “Isn’t this a pretty place?”