Trying to balance the line between cancel culture and comedy, the once hit show “Saturday Night Live” has seen its viewership dwindle in the last few months. Back in October, SNL kicked off its 47th season. While a massive deal, the show only garnered around 3.5 million views. That is a 35% drop from the previous season opener. Still, trying to correct the course, the writers decided to ramp up their talents by doing something neither new nor creative. Instead, the woke show ran a skit mocking Fox News, conservatives, and Daily Wire host, Candace Owens. 

In the skit below, Owens is played by SNL cast member Ego Nwodim while host Laura Ingraham is played by Kate McKinnon. Most of the comedy sketch revolved around the idea that Republicans are somehow racists and how Owens is black yet has different views than the liberal media. 

During the segment, McKinnon introduced Nwodim, saying, “My next guest is here to address the voting rights bill, which would make it easier to vote for minorities and harder for white people in Florida to vote twice. Please welcome my one black friend Candace Owens.”

Nwodim, acting as Owens, fired off her portrayal of the conservative, stating, “Martin Luther King would have voted for Trump. Laura, liberals try to make everything about race. To quote the only words Martin Luther King ever said, ‘I have a dream.’ That’s it, end of quote. Nothing about money or jobs or schools, unless you count his tombstone that said, ‘Great job, gang, racism over.’”

Having seen the comedy skit, Owens herself reacted by tweeting, “Hey [SNL] —not sure who this woman is you have playing me but I am much better looking than this.” Owens didn’t stop there as she had a little fun herself, poking at SNL’s dismal ratings, “Next time just reach out and I’ll play myself. That way the skit will actually be funny and America might even tune in to the show again!”

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