Concha and McCain, in their words below, have it right. Democrats have a death wish. Anyone who knows anything about voters knows most get more conservative with age, especially after they have kids. Because then, they have a lot to lose from big government overreach.

So what do Democrats do? They call parents terrorists. They try to shoehorn perv social doctrine into elementary schools. They set the DOJ and FBI on parents who speak out at school board meetings. They collude with teachers unions to keep schools closed. That’s a partial list. The Democrats are daring parents to come out in big numbers against them.

Did they not see the results of late in Virginia? Did they fail to notice how Youngkin used parental dissatisfaction to his advantage? But still they persist in doing all they can do destroy the nuclear family and with it the bedrock of American society.

Concha: “Fox News contributor Joe Concha warns it is ‘devastating’ to the Democrats that they are becoming the ‘anti-parent’ party after emails surfaced suggesting Education Secretary Miguel Cardona solicited the NSBA’s controversial memo comparing parents to domestic terrorists. Concha told Harris Faulkner there will be a ‘Democratic wipeout’ in the upcoming elections over various issues including education and inflation.”

Are you embarrassed to have Joe Biden as America's "President"?

Concha: This is devastating to this administration, Democrats as a whole. More and more Democrats are now seen as the anti-parent party, and as you mentioned, we saw what happened Virginia with Glenn Youngkin, right? And he ran on that issue and won, and New Jersey nearly went to Jack Ciattarelli, mainly on that issue and inflation as well. This will be a major, major topic in the 2022 elections, and as a parent, I welcome it, believe me. And that’s why on top of the inflation we just covered, crime, border, as we’re looking at it now, you’re looking at a Democratic wipeout because they don’t seem to have any answers around education, and Secretary Cardona should be brought up in front of Capitol Hill … tomorrow to answer questions around this, because those are his words in writing. I want to see him explain it.