The current narrative being presented by the Biden administration and the Democrats is they are working tirelessly when it comes to fighting COVID-19. At the same they are struggling to contain the virus that supposedly could end humanity, the left also claims that the Republicans are doing little to nothing when it comes to COVID-19. It’s nothing new that Democratic strongholds like New York and California have sweeping mandates while states like Florida, which is controlled by the GOP, are open for business. But while the Biden administration might want Americans to believe their claims, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis made some shocking accusations on Sunday. 

Speaking with Mark Levin of “Life, Liberty & Levin”, DeSantis stated, “We set up these centers this summer when we started to see the delta variant rear its head, and it worked. We were keeping tens of thousands of people out of the hospital, saved thousands of lives. No one disputes that. Well, as that was happening in September, the federal government decided to seize control of the monoclonal antibodies and cut supplies to Florida and Texas, mainly.”

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DeSantis added that the Biden administration and the Department of Health refused to send more treatments. “Oh, Florida, you use too much of it. Well, part of the reason we use more than other states is because we’ve actually embraced treatment. Most of these other governors and the people like Fauci and the federal leadership, they basically say get a shot, wear a mask, and they never talk about treatment.”

As mentioned above, while the Biden administration might claim their government overreach is in the name of public safety, DeSantis suggested, “So to just not deal with treatment and be hostile to people like me who are, it shows so much of this is about a political agenda. It’s about partisanship, and it’s not about the best interests of the American people, when you talk about how these folks are acting.”