Defying the odds and supposedly winning the 2020 election, Joe Biden promised to unify America as he entered the White House. What would follow would be 12 months of disasters, failures, and mandates as President Biden’s decisions in the Oval Office appeared to divide America further. And to make it worse, Biden’s constant fumbling and stumbling have led to his approval ratings tanking. Hovering in the high 30s for the past few months, a new poll revealed President Biden continues to sink when it comes to the American people. 

On Wednesday, Quinnipiac University released its most recent President Biden’s approval rating findings. According to the report, only 33% of Americans believe Biden is doing a good job as President. On the opposite end, 53% disapprove. 

The new report shows a 3% dip from the same pollster back in November. At the time, Biden was sitting at 36%, with a backing of 87% of the Democratic Party. In just two short months, those numbers have dipped to 33% among Americans, and in the party, only 75% now support him. 

Are you embarrassed to have Joe Biden as America's "President"?

Conducted between January 7th and 10th, the pollsters asked 1,313 Americans their opinions on President Biden. While many might have disapproved of how President Biden is managing the country, 34% believed he was handling the economy well. Another 35% approved of Biden when it came to foreign affairs. And the top issue of all – COVID-19, 39% thought Biden was managing the pandemic well. 

While President Biden has admitted in the past that he doesn’t look at the polls, since taking office, his approval rating has done nothing but dipped. When looking at just the Quinnipiac polls, one user pointed out in the last seven months, his ratings have been “49%, 46%, 42%, 38%, 37%, 36%, and now 33%.” 


This piece was written by Zach Heilman on January 13, 2022. It originally appeared in and is used by permission.

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