Although the Democrats might control D.C. for now, it appears that when it comes to their own, Democrat-controlled states around the country, Americans can’t get away quick enough. According to a new report that was released on Monday, more than 600,000 people have moved away from states like California and New York due to lower taxes and less restrictions on COVID-19. 

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It comes as no surprise that the Democrats would institute sweeping mandates, hoping to stop the coronavirus from spreading. Or, at least that is their narrative. But while they push for more government overreach, CNBC wealth editor Robert Frank wrote, “More than 600,000 people leaving New York and California for lower-taxed states during the pandemic.” He would add, “That’s according to Census data. California lost 300,000 residents between April of 2020 and July of 2021. New York lost a net 365,000 people, about two percent of its total population.”

While the report showed people leaving the Democrat states in massive numbers, it didn’t reveal where they were moving to. But Frank would point to two states that have seen a massive influx of new residents. And they are both controlled by the GOP. “Now the biggest winners, not surprisingly, were Texas and Florida, which have of course no income taxes. Texas gaining 382,000. Florida adding 243,000. Now people move for many reasons, lower housing prices, lower cost of living with remote work, their families may be there, but there is a continued shift from high tax to low tax states.”

On top of the influx of new residents, Texas would also become the number one growing state according to U-Haul in 2021. They tweeted, “The Lone Star State earned bragging rights as the leading growth state of 2021, narrowly beating Florida for tops honors, according to transactional data compiled for the annual U-Haul Growth Index.”

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With Texas taking number one and Florida taking second, it’s apparently clear that when it comes to COVID-19 and taxes, Americans tend to lean right. At least 600,000 do.