For the past week, the Democrats have been ramping up their narrative surrounding the anniversary of the Capitol Hill riot. Following the events of January 6th, every Democrat with a twitter account recounted the terror they felt as Trump supporters stormed through the halls, hunting them down.

If it wasn’t for the Capitol Police, American democracy would have been overthrown that day. Again, that is the narrative, and it is being so perfectly promoted that even Senator Ted Cruz suggested that the people who supposedly stormed Capitol Hill were terrorists. 

While the Democrats want America to believe that day was the start of another Civil War that was somehow on par with the 9/11 terrorist attacks, the evidence being presented paints a entirely different picture. In the video featured below, so-called terrorists are shown casually walking into the Capitol, not storming or hunting for the Democrats, just strolling through while taking in one of America’s landmarks. 

And if that wasn’t enough, even the late, great comedian Norm MacDonald knew the narratives around January 6th were completely embellished as he tweeted that day, “I loved when the violent terrorists made sure to respect the velvet rope in Statuary Hall.” 

Are you embarrassed to have Joe Biden as America's "President"?

If you don’t happen to know what MacDonald was talking about, the picture below shows the supposed terrorists walking through Statuary Hall and obeying the fact that there are ropes blocking off areas where people can’t walk. But again, they were extremists who sought to overthrow America.

With the Democrats putting so much effort behind the Capitol Hill riot that appeared to be nothing more than a protest and many wondering why, their motives would be revealed when the New York Post would write an article that would be shared by Donald Trump Jr., revealing a plan to ban Trump from ever running for office due his alleged involvement in the riot.  

This piece was written by Zach Heilman on January 6, 2022. It originally appeared in and is used by permission.

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