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Portland School District Embraces CRT, Local High School Presentation Discussed ‘Pyramid Of White Supremacy’

PORTLAND, OR – In news that is hardly surprising since it stems from Portland, reportedly, Portland Public Schools had outlined plans to implement [1] Critical Race Theory (CRT) within the local school system per part of their “Racial Equity and Social Justice Professional Development Competencies.”

Furthermore, one Portland-based high school brought the epitome CRT-enabled indoctrination to the table recently, delivering a presentation that included a “Pyramid of White Supremacy.”

Documents obtained [2] by the group Parents Defending Education offered insight into the goings on of Grant High School in Portland, where their CRT-based teachings contained in the “Race Forward [3]” project from December of 2021 hosted all the sorts of tidbits that have stirred ire from parents during school board meetings across the country due to the radical content.

The presentation that hosted the “Pyramid of White Supremacy” sought to define “whiteness” as being tied with “the belief that white people are the standard in society.” Of course, it wouldn’t be a modern-CRT lesson without “white fragility” being addressed, and the presentation explained that white people display this purported fragility “when confronted by information about racism.”

Other topics contained within the presentation included such hits like the “white savior” and included a game called “Privilege for Sale” where participants were instructed to use phony money to purchase the likes of deemed white privileges.

Clearly, very enlightening material poised to enrich young minds.

But when it came to the “Pyramid of White Supremacy,” a breakdown was afforded via this presentation that purported the varying levels in which white people contribute to such – where the bottom of the pyramid titled “Indifference” alleged that “remaining apolitical” are subscribing to there being “two sides to every story” are the actions of white supremacists.

Then there was another section of the pyramid dubbed “Veiled Racism,” which taught that “claiming reverse racism” or participating in “cultural appropriation” are part of this “Veiled Racism” schtick.

And it seems that Portland Public Schools loves these sorts of teachings, as they announced their plans to rollout more of this CRT curricula via their “Professional Development Framework [4],” as they seek to impart “Knowledge and comprehension of critical race theory and its application to racial equity and social justice in education.”

However, this is hardly shocking coming from the same school district whose policies [5] on “LGBTQ Issues” instruct teachers and staff to not tell anyone – to include parents – if a student is beginning to question their sexual orientation or gender identity.

This piece was written by Gregory Hoyt on January 15, 2022. It originally appeared in RedVoiceMedia.com [6] and is used by permission.

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