While thousands of tuckers and even more protestors descended into Ottawa to show their disdain for the Canadian government and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau trying to mandate the COVID-19 drug, the PM was moved to a secret location due to safety concerns. This is interesting given that Trudeau, days before the protests, claimed that the convoy was nothing more than a small group of misinformed people. But now that it is Tuesday, Trudeau remains in hiding, yet that didn’t stop him from filming a video suggesting that getting the COVID-19 jab “defines what being a Canadian is”. 

Knowing that the protestors are fighting for their medical freedom and the end of the lockdowns and mandates, Trudeau tried to frame his speech by suggesting the only way to end the mandates was to take the plunge. “The protesters are talking about freedom. Well, Canadians know that freedom means getting back to the things that they used to enjoy, and the way to be able to do that is to get vaccinated. The way that we built this country was by being there for each other. That’s what defines what being Canadian is.” 

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Still calling them a “fringe minority”, the Prime Minister added, “So while this fringe minority is protesting, the vast majority of Canadians are thinking, ‘Come on.’ It’s by continuing to be there for each other that we will get through this pandemic. We all want to be done with this pandemic, but the vast majority of Canadians know very well the way out is not protesting the pandemic, it’s getting vaccinated.”

Trudeau condemned the protests by stating it was not the way to end the pandemic. “The vast majority of Canadians know that [protesting] is not how we can end this pandemic. The way out of this pandemic is getting vaccinated. It’s listening to public health advice, and the best way to get out of this pandemic and to continue to be there for each other is to show that we understand the importance of following science, facts, and health experts. That’s how we’ll get out of this pandemic.”

Although Trudeau promoted the COVID-19 jab, it should be noted that he not only received both doses and a booster, but he also tested positive for COVID-19 last week.