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Biden Administration Flip Flops On Sanctions

The Biden administration can’t decide whether sanctions deter war or do not. They aren’t singing from the same hymnal. Will somebody in the administration talk to each other? Really, this is embarrassing.

FNC: “President Biden suggested Thursday that sanctions were not meant to deter the actions of Russian President Vladimir Putin, telling reporters now that ‘sanctions never deter.’ ”

“Sir, deterrence didn’t work. What makes you think Vladimir Putin will alter course based on the action you’ve taken today,” Biden was asked by CBS reporter Christina Ruffini during a presser at the NATO summit.

“Let’s get something straight. You remember if you covered me from the very beginning, I did not say that, in fact, the sanctions would deter him. Sanctions never deter. You keep talking about that. Sanctions never deter,” Biden responded.

Ruffini repeated the question, asking whether sanctions could have deterred Putin . “That’s not what I said. You’re playing a game with me. The answer’s no,” Biden insisted.

“The maintenance of sanctions, increasing the pain and the demonstration [is] why I asked for this NATO meeting today, is to be sure that after a month, we will sustain what we’re doing, not just next month, the following month, but for the remainder of this entire year,” Biden responded.

But he and his administration are not on the same page. Veep Harris said in February, “Absolut- — we strongly believe — and remember also that the sanctions are a product not only of our perspective as the United States but a shared perspective among our Allies. And the Allied relationship is such that we have agreed that the deterrence effect of these sanctions is still a meaningful one, especially because – remember, also – we still sincerely hope that there is a diplomatic path out of this moment.” Harris also the “purpose of the sanctions has always been and continues to be deterrence.”

Before the invasion, Blinken claimed that the “purpose of the sanctions in the first instance is to try to deter Russia from going to war.” Jen Psaki said “sanctions can be a powerful tool” and that the overall goal of imposing sanctions on Russia was to “have a deterrent effect.” These people need to exchange memos once in a while.