Russian Intelligence hasn’t covered themselves in glory in the Ukrainian campaign. They underestimated the Ukrainians and overestimated their own troops. They got the Western response wrong. They completely ignored the advantages of defense and the disadvantages of a conscript army.

They probably told Putin they’d be in and out of Ukraine in two weeks, hence the initial term “incursion.” They made the usual mistake of politicized Intelligence personnel, they want to please the consumer.

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Jack Barsky, a former KGB sleeper agent in America, also blames his past masters for getting Ukraine wrong. But read his words closely. I detect a little nostalgia for the homeland, a wee bit of sympathy for Putin.

As an old Intelligence type myself, I’m suspicious of traitors, especially when their old homeland is at war. I’m probably being paranoid. But he wouldn’t be the first triple agent or the first double agent who missed home and showed it. Take Barsky with a grain of salt.

FNC: “A former double agent for Russia is sharing his insight on Putin’s invasion of Ukraine as his frustration reportedly continues to mount over the trajectory of the war and the stamina of the Ukrainian resistance.

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Former KGB agent, Jack Barsky, joined ‘Fox & Friends Weekend’ to discuss his take on the assault and how the invasion has gone awry, according to Moscow.”

“There is no way that Russian intelligence didn’t know in great detail what Russia would be facing,” Barsky told press. “Either they were afraid to tell or they did tell, and Putin just dismissed,” he continued. “It could be a mixture of both because… Vladimir Putin has had a history… of knowing that he is the smartest man in the room and… just like ignoring advice from his people.” “Knowing”? Really Jack? So smart that he maneuvered himself into a Ukrainian tactical morass? Have a soft spot for a fellow KGB vet? Or is it something else?

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“We as a country, have not paid enough attention to what Putin has been planning for a long time,” Barsky warned. “He wants to establish greater Russia the way it once started and… he has been pretty open about it. “He has stated in public that he doesn’t consider Ukraine a sovereign nation, and Ukraine and Russia should be united.”