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Gee, What a Surprise…More Government Spying on Us

I have seriously lost track of all the ways that the government is spying on us and collecting our data. I can only imagine the secret treasure trove of information that the democrats have on us using intelligence agencies, governmental departments, medical records, the IRS and also getting data from their friends at Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Recently, we learned of the Surgeon General adding to that data collection by demanding a list of “Covid disinformation” spreaders from social media companies. 

The democrats have decided that they have no limits on their spying and data collection. As I always ask, who’s going to stop them? Certainly not our spineless elected republicans. 

And most of the time, they’ve used the “Homeland Security” department to do it – which is an agency that doesn’t protect the homeland any more than I do sitting on my sofa.They use the department (especially when democrats are in charge) to spy on Americans and collect bulk data for unknown purposes in the future.

Now we learn from The Wall Street Journal [1] that our federal government has been collecting data for the last 12 years on any money-transfers that we’ve made over $500. 

Without a warrant. 

Shocking, I know (insert sarcasm here). This stuff really doesn’t even shock us anymore. And that’s sad.

So 12 years ago…. hm… who was president in 2010 when this started? Oh yeah… Obama.

Oddly enough, a democrat actually outed Homeland Security for being involved in this program (and turning over the information to ICE). Oregon democrat Senator Ron Wyden found out about it and spilled the beans on the program to Congress. 

How many Americans did they surveil and collect records on? About 200 million. 

Wyden is asking Congress how the program got started and if it’s consistent with agency policy, statutory law and the Constitution.

My guess is NO.

Domestic and international transfers were tracked going to or from Arizona, California, New Mexico and Texas plus those going to and from Mexico from all states.

And of course, the government (democrats) like to share information across their various corrupt governmental departments. Wyder says in his letter to Congress that hundreds of federal and local law-enforcement agencies have access to the records.

Always under the guise of solving crimes or keeping America secure (in this case, using the program to track drug traffickers and money-launderers), democrats completely ignore the Constitution and end up collecting data for possible nefarious purposes – which is usually to go after their political enemies.

This piece was written by Liberty Paige on March 11, 2022. It originally appeared in SteveGruber.com [2] and is used by permission.