With Florida Governor Ron DeSantis becoming a heavyweight in the GOP thanks to his handling of the COVID-19 pandemic and the attacks from the woke mob and cancel culture, most believed the Democrats wouldn’t try to compete with him due to it almost being a lost cause. Well, that apparently was just hearsay as Democratic Rep. Charlie Crist is hoping to unseat DeSantis in the upcoming election in November. While campaigning, Crist admitted that the only people that DeSantis appealed to were the “hard right, toothless crowd”. 

Giving a speech, as can be watched below, Crist stated that the current governor acquired “political points with the red meat, hard right, toothless crowd” and that his “actions have consequences on Florida families.” The Democrat recalled a story of his young niece and her baby sister both contracting COVID-19. 

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While hoping to gain some ground, it appears that Florida voters don’t like to be called toothless as some criticized his stance. His press secretary Samantha Ramirez tried to fix the blunder, saying, “Charlie was referring to the toothless, spineless crowd that aids and abets DeSantis’s crusade to hurt, rather than help Floridians – the legislators, lobbyists, and special interests who bend to his whims and only care about delivering red meat for their base. To imply that he meant anything else is nonsense.”

On top of Crist’s outlandish statement, he has received an endorsement from none other than House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. She claimed, “He’ll be a champion for women’s reproductive rights, create opportunities for small business owners, and always show empathy and compassion for our working families. It’s a stark contrast to the current governor. Florida, you deserve better.”

For those who might not know, Crist used to be part of the Republican Party and even served as the Governor of Florida in 2007 to 2011. At that time, he tried to run as an independent but lost his U.S. Senate bid. Again, in 2014, Crist ran as a Democrat, but like the times before, he ultimately lost to Republican Rick Scott. 

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