While Americans and people all over the world are struggling with COVID-19 and the constant government overreach, the World Economic Forum, founded in the 1970s by Klaus Schwab, has done nothing but promote a luxurious future where machines and humans are one and the population is significantly smaller. That isn’t all that appears to be on the WEF’s agenda as top advisor, Yuval Noah Harari, has also discussed a time where humans will be hackable and a machine will be able to identify sexual orientation before the person might even know. Again, while most of their claims might sound science fiction, for podcaster Joe Rogan, it apparently “scares the shit out of” him.

In the video, which is featured below, Rogan was speaking with his guest, Dan Soder when he opened up about the World Economic Forum and its founder Schwab. Having no idea what Rogan was talking about, Soder asked, leading to, “Oh my God. He’s the head of the World Economic Forum. And he dresses like a bad guy in a comic book. Not kidding. Check this guy out. And now let me show you what it looks like though. He says, Let me Klaus Schwab. No, but let me show you what he looks like with his crazy outfit on.”

Showing pictures of Schwab to Soder, Rogan laughed, “There’s a lot of pictures. But Klaus Schwab superhero outfit. Put that on. Just just type that in Google Cloud Search because he looks like a fucking superhero. Like a bad guy, like a super villain.”

Detailing how Schwab has written a book on “The Great Reset,” the podcaster admitted that in the world of conspiracies, the WEF founder is a treasure trove of information. “Supposedly if you follow the conspiracy theories, he’s orchestrating this great reset and even wrote a book about the great reset. And then there’s like conspiracy theories – What does the great reset mean? You know, is it like they’re talking about something like some sort of a financial reset. Scares the shit out of me.”

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As can be seen above, Rogan might have been joking about Schwab and the WEF, but he was sure to add that the claims made by the organization scare him. 

Users online labeled Schwab as Dr. Evil and Satan, but one person turned the tables back to Rogan, writing, “What are you trying to tell us Joe? That the whole takeover by the tyrants was a joke? Something which did not really happened? [sic] So now the Clown Schwab, and the puppet masters, are going to be just declared a joke, and sale quietly into the future?”

This piece was written by Zach Heilman on April 26, 2022. It originally appeared in RedVoiceMedia.com and is used by permission.

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