The subject of abortion is such a controversial topic in America that even a draft document showing a potential ruling from the Supreme Court has caused a mountain of backlash for not only the Justices but also President Joe Biden. With protests already taking place in D.C. and around the houses of the Justices, it seems that many liberals are now turning on President Biden, stating that he didn’t do enough to protect the right for a woman to get an abortion. 

One of those who didn’t buy into the narrative that Republicans were to blame for the document was liberal commentator, Elie Mystal. “Biden won’t federalize abortion services, won’t even call for a filibuster carve out for abortion rights, and doesn’t think people should be inconveniencing [Supreme Court Justice] Brett Kavanaugh before he casts the deciding forced birth vote… but sure, the real problem is [Sen.] Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.).”

Mystal didn’t stop there, adding, “I will vote for Democrats, then criticize Democrats when they suck, then vote for them again, in a little maneuver I call ‘BEING CAPABLE OF UNDERSTANDING MULTIPLE F***ING TRUTHS AT THE SAME GODDAMN TIME.’”

Another person chimed in to Mystal’s stance, writing, “It all always starts at the top despite people’s hero/savior-worship. Joe’s a good guy mostly, but he’s just too old and out of touch to give a hoot about our crisis it seems. Just like the DOJ, he says words, then goes about in la-la-land.”

That was just the beginning as more and more started to comment on their disdain for the Biden administration and their lack of leadership. “I agree with this. Dems need to be 100% unified and fight together on this. You know the GOP is. It’s an absolute disgrace the messaging that’s coming from the White House on this.” 

Other comments included “Democrats losing abortion rights while having the Presidency, the House, and the Senate, is going to wake a lot of people up to how f***ing useless they are.” And, “Joe Biden is working harder to defend Brett Kavanaugh than abortion rights.”