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BREAKING: Supreme Court Abortion Decision Could Affect Midterms, Roe Reportedly Going To Be Overturned


Update: Leaked Supreme Court opinion Monday night says Row will be overturned.


Some time in the late spring or summer the Supreme Court will decide on a Mississippi abortion law. If they uphold Mississippi then Roe is effectively struck down. That is an outcome I’m all for and would like to see, I say this for transparency sake, abortion left up to individual states. Government that reflects attitudes at the state level would govern best in this instance.


From an NPR report, “Sometime in the coming weeks or months, justices will decide in a case from Mississippi whether bans on abortion before fetal viability can be constitutional. During those arguments in December, most of the justices in the court’s new conservative majority seemed to question the constitutional foundation of the nearly 50-year-old precedent that guarantees the right to abortion nationwide.

If a majority answers yes to allowing Mississippi’s ban at 15 weeks of pregnancy, ‘that undoes Roe,’ said Marjorie Dannenfelser, who, as president of the Susan B. Anthony List, has been working toward that goal since the organization’s 1992 founding.” I know, I know, NPR. But the above quote is fair enough.

How will this affect the midterms? Prolifers will be jubilant and may come out to the polls to celebrate their win. However, people vote in greater numbers against something than for it. Which means women, especially young women, and independents could also come out in big numbers. True, the young hardly vote. But if Roe is struck down the apocalyptic screaming from the media and the left could bring more young women to the polls. The question is, who votes in greater numbers given this scenario: Pissed off liberal women or grateful conservatives? My call? Angry liberals.

They may not kill Republican chances to take Congress. But they will make it harder and could swing tight races to the Democrats. I think Republicans will still take the House, but by a dozen less than if the Supremes had held their fire. The Senate would really be in play if Roe goes.

To some, looking at the question in purely political terms is hideous. And yes, to those individuals everyone is supposed to be a fanatic on one side or the other on abortion. But I’m not. Sure, abortion is horrible and I don’t think it should be done after a fetal heartbeat can be detected. However, my libertarian sensibilities tell me that rape, incest, and health of the mother are all legitimate reasons for ending a pregnancy and an abortion before a fetal heartbeat is detected is tragic, but sometimes in the best interests of a woman.

Though in the larger sense, I want the Supreme Court to punt on this right now. Making sure Republicans take Congress and start reversing Biden and Democrat actions to me is vastly more important than abortion one way or the other. Yup, neither side might like that. Too bad. It’s a matter of priorities and mine are pressing issues of immediate consequence like the economy, energy, censorship, and national security.  Abortion is an issue, either way, that can wait.